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      We take our responsibility seriously.

      Our CR report "Our Responsibility 2018" shows how we do this.

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      On the way to a new RWE

      Two European energy companies focus their activities

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      RWE represents a secure energy supply

      RWE is the safety net of the energy transition. With our mines, power plants and trading platform, we are the guarantor of security of supply in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. RWE supplies electricity and heat – securely and flexibly, around the clock.?

      Responsibility & sustainability

      How we take responsibility and act sustainably

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      We offer customised solutions for every aspect of energy supply

      RWE is much more than just a power generation company. As well as providing services to optimise plants and assets, the company is also the ideal partner to offer expertise on constructing power plants, mining and decommissioning nuclear power plants.?

      Obtaining energy and trading it globally

      Energy knows no boundaries – nor does our enthusiasm for producing it or for operating on trading markets.

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      Products & Services

      Tailored solutions.

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      Customised sector solutions

      Do you need sector-specific solutions? You can trust our experts.

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      Project References

      View our selected global project highlights.

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      Working at RWE

      Whether in Germany or anywhere else in the world, as an employee of RWE, you will be provided with promising career prospects – and an exceptional number of opportunities to help shape the energy-related challenges of the future.?

      RWE job board

      You can shape the future of energy with RWE – and your own future, too!

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      Latest information

      Our most important markets are Germany, the UK, the Netherlands/Belgium and Eastern Europe. We generated revenue of €44.6 billion here in the 2017 financial year. We provide shareholders, investors and journalists with up-to-date press releases and all the details on our share price.?

      Contact and services

      Find the right contact partner.

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      RWE in your area

      Our sites at a glance.

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      Publications in downloadable PDF format

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